Year 4 Wilson

We love to learn


December 2015

Christmas Candle Holder

How creative – she thought of this herself.  



A work of art

Jack brought this to show me. He used an artistic technique that we learnt in the class swap. I am VERY impressed!  


The Polar Express

We used the text for shared reading this week and as a special treat these lovely children are watching the movie – with popcorn and sweets. Who said school wasn’t fun?!  


Christmas Maths!


Christmas is coming to 3 Potter!      


Tricky symmetry!


Read all about it!

We reflected on last week’s learning – with a Christmas theme of course!  



We are learning to use fronted adverbials in preparation for our job application letter to work in the Elf Toy Worksop, which we will be writing tomorrow.  


Christmas Crafts

Only one picture I’m afraid. This elf was too busy helping with tricky bits!!!  


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