Year 4 Wilson

We love to learn


February 2016

Number problems and puzzles

We hit the ground running with this fun yet challenging activity. 



Poetry related mind maps

We used mind maps to generate words to describe daffodils. We explored adjectives, powerful verbs, similes, alliteration and prepositional phrases!  


Time word problems

These kids just love problem solving!  


Play time friends

These two are having a lovely chat about a hurricane in a building as they doodle buildings. šŸ˜„ 


Pull it apart!

Spelling practice – first we pull it apart, then we highlight the tricky bit!  


Fun science experiment

Exploring the poles in a magnet.  


Using resources in class

“Can we do our work by the posters because they’re really helpful?”  


Traffic light cards

We use our traffic light cards when we need help in maths. 


I wandered lonely as a cloud…

This week in literacy we are studying this well known poem by WilliamWordsworth. Today we are illustrating the poem.  















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