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April 2016

Place value starter activity


Highlighting expanded noun phrases in our reading 

Today we shared the story ‘The Dog and His Bone.’ In pairs we highlighted the expanded noun phrases and identified the main events. Then we retold the story in our own words. 

Investigating and reasoning 

In pairs we investigated combinations of weights to balance some scales. Some children explained how they approached the problem systematically.  


Exciting maths

The children loved applying all their strategies for calculating using the four operations. There was a hubbub of excitable chatter in the room and lots of very proud children.  


Investigating styles and voices of traditional story language

The children are enjoying collecting and categorising story openings and endings from these beautiful magazines.  


Identifying fronted adverbials in our reading 


Fun maths: estimating and measuring the mass of objects


Inverse operation 

We have been solving missing number problems using the inverse operation. Some of us went on to explore when we don’t need to use the inverse operation and they came up with a rule.  


Drama lesson: an engaging introduction to fables

We interviewed characters from the Travellers and the Bear. Then we explored voices for different characters in the Ant and the Grasshopper.  


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