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May 2016


Look how much they know about apostrophes! I’m impressed. ūüėä


War and Peas by Michael Foreman

We have been studying this text in literacy and today we had a discussion about war. We are making anti-war banners to promote peace. 

Addition game in pairs. 

We are developing our fluency in mental arithmetic. The children loved it so much they begged for another game! 

Consolidating our understanding of column addition using resources. 

Working in pairs to solve a mixture of time word problems 

Calculating time lapses using a train timetable

Using a stopwatch and comparing times

In maths we used stopwatches to time ourselves doing activities. Then we found the difference between the shortest and longest times. This was a great practical way of getting the children to understand the language ‘finding the difference’ in a meaningful context. 

Science week treat: life cycles workshop

Today the children handled a giant snail, a stick insect, a frog, a snake and met a tarantula. Very brave children! 

Debate over Boudicca’s revolt

In topic today, we learned about Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans. In groups we brainstormed how both the Celts and Romans would have felt. Then we entered into a debate where we challenged one group over their choices. They certainly ‘held their own’ and justified their choices brilliantly. Such intelligent work all round! 

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