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June 2016

Reflecting on our learning in maths 

Today we solved multiplication puzzles using the inverse operation and our known number facts. Afterwards we enjoyed sharing our learning experience with each other. 


Sports week activity: design a game

The children worked well in their house teams, designing a new sports game. They had to decide the aim, and explain how to play. 

Solving a fraction problem

Today we were investigating a fraction problem. We had some excellent discussions about how to be strategic; it’s amazing how many different clever strategies the children came up with. 

3-D shape fun

We are making 3-D shapes to help us describe their properties. Ask us about vertices, edges and faces. 

Roman timelines in literacy

This morning we read a text about children in Roman times. Then we made timelines to show the key events of a child’s life. 

Amazing reasoning in maths

Today we solved some challenging 2-d shape puzzles. We had some great conversations about strategies and the children did some brilliant mathematical reasoning. 

Organisational features in literacy

Today we reorganised a piece of broken up text by using clues like organisational features and paragraph content. It was really hard! 

Parallel and perpendicular lines

This week we are exploring vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines. We have been drawing and labelling our own shapes. 

Literacy warm up games

We are warming up our brains by playing some Pie Corbett word games. One of the games is where the children select sentences from reading books and experiment with swapping words. This is a great way for children to also ‘accidentally’ learn about word classes! 😉

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