Year 4 Wilson

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September 2016

Find out Friday

The children did some fantastic thinking today in maths. They investigated consecutive numbers and were using the terms ‘sum of’ and ‘product of’ confidently by the end of the lesson. 

We talked about the skills we were using: trial and improvement, choosing a sensible strutting point and adjusting the numbers depending on the answer given. Very impressive learning! 


Ch makes the ‘k’ sound

Professor Docherty text marking. 

Visual maths

We used diagrams to represent the column method for addition. By the end of the lesson the children were using the correct terminology to explain what they were doing: “I exchanged ten ones.” 

Reflecting on our learning

Today we talked about choosing the right level of challenge and how we can change challenge if necessary. 

Inverted commas 

We are punctuating direct speech by editing a passage of text from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. 


Fun addition starter

Playing an addition game in threes. 


Lots of work on rounding last week. 

WW1 research

These children are working brilliantly together, carrying out their own research about different areas of the war. Such independent learning! 

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