Year 4 Wilson

We love to learn


January 2017

Puzzling clocks

We had to work out what the time was in analogue clocks which had been reversed in a mirror…tricky stuff! One pair told me they had a ‘maths argument’ where they had to convince each other why they thought they were right! ūüėĀ


Investigating pitch in science 

Guided reading activities; all working hard 

Learning how to tell the time in analogue and digital form 

Identifying prepositions to describe place 

Area investigation 

We drew as many shapes as we could with an area between 10 and 20cm squared. We looked for patterns or anything we noticed and annotated our work. Great deep mathematical thinking! 

Science enquiry 

Do sound waves travel through all materials equally? We are setting up an experiment to find out! 

Scanning and text marking

We have been exploring short sentences for impact. 

Exploring spelling rules 

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