Year 4 Wilson

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March 2017

Ping pong connectives

We kicked off our literacy lesson with a fun starter. We had to ping connectives to each other back and forth that we will use in our writing. To make it competitive we kept score. 


Amazing learning journals 

Talk for writing 

Today we made radio broadcasts, using some of the language features of a discussion text. We discussed whether teaching was a desirable profession or not! 

Active science

We had a really fun afternoon making predictions about whether or not circuits would work. Then we tested them to find out! 

Learning about the past tense

The children enjoyed sorting verbs in different ways, creating lots of discussion about spelling patterns and regular and irregular verbs. 

Visit from an author 

The children were truly inspired by Daniel Ingram-Brown this week. It makes reading and writing come to life when you hear how an author’s mind works. Brilliant! 

Learning through play 

Today we consolidated our learning on estimating by playing a game in teams. Great fun! 

Fantastic work on fractions and decimals

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